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Inside the world of publishing

Did you know that there are more than 200,000 books written every year? Only a small fraction of them are ever published.
Did you know that there are millions of books in circulation? Yet, only less than 1 percent ever see bestseller stardom!
Did you know that the cost of publishing and marketing a successful book is nearly $20,000? Most books with budgets smaller than that never see success!
Alas, these figures seem very depressing. What chances do a regular person have? EVERY chance! The small name with the right publisher and with a lot of hard work can become a bestseller! Read further...
It is the dream of nearly every writer to be offered a $1 million advance from Random House, but for the vast majority, that will never happen... at least, not for simply writing a good book. As the American dollar continues to lose value, getting a publisher to invest in you becomes less a matter of book material. Rather, it becomes more an issue of the author's ability to sell what they write. Yet, there are options and alternatives: independent publishers, small presses and even co-op and subsidy houses.
We will explore them point by point. I want to hear from you as I reveal the inner workings of the average publisher, and the problems that stop you from being published. This is the first of a 6 month series.

Recommended Publishers

I rarely recommend subsidy publishing services. There are so many scams out there. These are subsidy publishers who completed my questionnaire, agreed to an interview and sent verification of their business dealings, or that I have worked with personally.

Xulon Press - great for those authors who want control over their manuscripts and are okay with POD technology; a great value

Tate Publishing - this is a great place for beginners; the cost is a bit higher than in most places, but the services are good; they have excellent customer service

Traditional Houses with New Author Programs

This is a publisher who is quickly becoming competitive with the major houses like Random House. Through much research and verification, I've found them to be on the top of barrel of growing companies.

Living Waters Publishing Company - traditional publishing house with multiple programs to get authors published at very minimal costs; all authors get marketing services without extra charge; traditional standards aren't as strict as RH or S&S; offers financing for self-publishers

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