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Do you want to know where to publish and what company to avoid? Here is the latest in the publishing industry!

In trouble

Airleaf Publishing is in trouble. The authors were not getting their payments and books. Creditors were not being paid. No one knows exactly what happened as yet, but we do know that they are in debt and may have to close. This is not the place to publish your book!

Growth Spurts

Living Waters Publishing Company is experiencing a serious growth spurt. With multiple programs, a great foundation of authors and low prices for self-publishers, this company is on the cutting edge of the publishing industry. The latest about this company is the acquisition of Creative Christian Writers Organization and 2 new magazines. What makes them different:
3 programs: traditional, cooperative and self-publishing
2 print options: offset and POD
Financing options for self-publishers
4 book options: hard cover, soft cover, ebook, audio
I was personally delighted when I found that Mark Heber Miller were among their client list. I've been a fan since I was a child. My father loved him. He is a famed photographer and writer. Altogether, I am thoroughly impressed!

Printing Problems

Quebcor World, a printing company, is in trouble. Their CEO, Wes Lucas, has resigned. The company could not get refinanced and was not able to sell their business in Europe. There is no money, basically. Please make sure to stay aware of this situation!

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